Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter's Rant on Racism May Be Right

All of the angst. All of the anger. All of the name calling. Now Rush Limbaugh sets the matter straight. It is racism, pure and simple. What else would you call it? Limbaugh says, "We need segregated buses."

Referring to an incident in which a white student was beaten by black students on a bus, an incident which local police have since said was not racially motivated, Limbaugh said:

“I think that’s wrong. I think not only it was racism, it was justifiable racism. I mean, that’s the lesson we’re being taught here today. Kid shouldn’t have been on the bus anyway. We need segregated buses — it was invading space and stuff. This is Obama’s America.”
A full transcript of Limbaugh’s comments on his radio show is available at

There you have it. Rush is the expert on racism. He should know. He's been spouting racist remarks for years. Now he is suggesting that racism is acceptable because it's 'inborn.'
“If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?” the talk show host asked. “I’m sorry — I mean, this is the way my mind works. But apparently now we don’t choose racism, we just are racists. We are born that way. We don’t choose it. So shouldn’t it be acceptable, excuse — this is according to the way the left thinks about things.”

Limbaugh just proved that former President Jimmy Carter is right when he said personal attacks on Obama are "based on racism."

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