Monday, February 8, 2010

A Fake 'Reality' Show

It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around this new show. A new web show called "BUMP+ follows three fictional women who are pregnant. The twist is that viewers who are following the lives of these women, get to decide whether they should have an abortion or not.

A new web show called "BUMP+" is stirring up controversy and conversation about abortion. It's a "fake" reality show in which three actresses portray women facing unintended pregnancies. These characters, entirely fictional, have agreed to appear on a reality TV show and let the public weigh in on what they should do about their pregnancies: keep it, terminate it, adoption? The creators of the web series say they will pick what happens to "contestants'" pregnancies based on viewer response.

It's not exactly what we pro-choicers have always dreamed about: a decision left up to a woman, her doctor, and a vast and anonymous internet audience. When feminists say we want more realistic portrayals of abortion in the movies and on TV, we don't mean reality-show realistic. My body, everybody's choice?

Sarah Selzter at AlterNet asks, "Is it a smart way to spark discussion about abortion, or tone deaf and callous?"

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