Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Party of No" is Really "Party of Do As You're Told"!

What are the Republicans opposed to? It seems as if they are opposed to anything proposed by Barack Obama or the Democrats.

One would think there would be some limit to the Republican strategy of "no." If Obama decided to endorse a bipartisan proposed plan that does the one thing every single American could agree we should do, it would be reducing the deficit, right?


Republicans are opposing a plan to put together a commission of 18 Democrats and Republicans to evaluate different ways to reduce the deficit. The panel would have until December 1 - after the midterm elections - to produce a plan that would then be voted on by Congress.

The Republicans are even opposing this knowing that Nancy Pelosi and Max Baucus are strongly opposing this because it strips some of their influence.

How can the Republicans be opposed to reducing government spending? Isnt that what they want?

You've got a plan to find a way to reduce government spending, a plan to see that it's passed through Congress, a way to oppose the enemy of all those on the right - Nancy Pelosi - and they're still against it. A plan offered by Kent Conrad (D) and Judd Gregg (R) as a way to get both Republicans and Democrats to work together in good faith to reduce the deficit. Why do they oppose this? Obama is for it, of course. (It's also quite obvious "good faith" isn't in any of their character, either).

They'll say that it's because this is just an underhanded Democrat scheme to raise taxes, even though they'll have representatives on the panel. As of now, however, they're threatening that they won't even talk about deficit reduction with the President. They will refuse to sit on the panel.

The GOP, the "Go-Along-Party", because they follow the leader, no matter what!

It's proof that, yet again, the Republicans don't stand for smaller government. They don't stand for less spending. They stand for nothing other than pandering to a constituency who follows in lock-step with their party, despite it's many internal contradictions. Those folks will hate the deficit reduction plan, too, because they always do as they're told.

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