Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time Has Come Today

I agree with David Corn in his article, "Obama's Nuclear Summit: The Big Truth That's Missing."
President Barack Obama has made history by putting the threat of nuclear terrorism on top of the global to-do list. But as world leaders discuss the issue this week at a summit in Washington, the scope of their talks has been limited, purposefully.

What's missing from the agenda? The idea that nations with nuclear weapons need to get rid of them—not just reduce their stockpiles. The nuclear weapons complex depends on highly enriched uranium. As long as there are nuclear weapons, there will be highly enriched uranium—and people who want to steal and smuggle it. Nuclear security is not the path to nuclear disarmament. Nuclear disarmament is the path to nuclear security. Read why HERE. —David Corn.
The time has come today to destroy the weapons not the world...and time for some Chambers Brothers!


Unknown said...

DO you really think complete disarmament is possible?

rross said...

Right now, I don't believe total disarmament is possible. But right now, it should be the goal.