Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forget the Middle...It Doesn't Exist!

As the Republicans move further to the Right...The Democrats need to move further to the Left!!!!

Who voted for and against the health care legislation that just passed the House of Representatives. The vote was 220 to 215 and only
one Republican voted for the bill. There were 39 Democrats who voted against reform. That's right! There were 39 Democrats who voted against changing a system that doesn't cover most people but does support a for-profit system that is creating wealth for the insurance industry. So who are these 39 Democrats?
Of the 39 naysayers, 31 hail from districts won by John McCain in the presidential race. Only one progressive vote against the legislation: Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who continues to advocate for a single-payer health-care system. The New York Times has a nifty chart that ranks the members according to the margin of victory in their districts for either McCain or Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Here are the 39, listed in alphabetical order. (Links go to their official Web sites, where you can leave them a message.)
  1. Adler, John (N.J.)
  2. Altmire, Jason (Penn.)*
  3. Baird, Brian (Wash.)
  4. Barrow, John (Ga.)*
  5. Boccieri, John (Ohio)
  6. Boren, Dan (Okla.)*
  7. Boucher, Rick (Va.)
  8. Boyd, Allen (Fla.)
  9. Bright, Bobby (Ala.)*
  10. Chandler, Ben (Ky.)
  11. Childers, Travis (Miss.)*
  12. Davis, Artur (Ala.)*
  13. Davis, Lincoln (Tenn.)*
  14. Edwards, Chet (Tex.)
  15. Gordon, Bart (Tenn.)
  16. Griffith, Parker (Ala.)*
  17. Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (S.D.)
  18. Holden, Tim (Penn.)*
  19. Kissell, Larry (N.C.)
  20. Kosmas, Suzanne (Fla.)
  21. Kratovil, Frank (Md.)*
  22. Kucinich, Dennis (Ohio)
  23. Markey, Betsy (Colo.)
  24. Marshall, Jim (Ga.)*
  25. Massa, Eric (N.Y.)
  26. Matheson, Jim (Utah)*
  27. McIntyre, Mike (N.C.)*
  28. McMahon, Mike (N.Y.)*
  29. Melancon, Charlie (La.)*
  30. Minnick, Walt (Idaho)
  31. Murphy, Scott (N.Y.)
  32. Nye, Glenn (Va.)
  33. Peterson, Collin (Minn.)*
  34. Ross, Mike (Ark.)*
  35. Shuler, Heath (N.C.)*
  36. Skelton, Ike (Mo.)
  37. Tanner, John (Tenn.)*
  38. Taylor, Gene (Miss.)*
  39. Teague, Harry (N.M.)
* Indicates those Democrats who are the anti-choice holdouts among Democrats. These anti-choice Dems were "threatening to oppose" the healthcare legislation "over the issue of abortion to create a question about its passage."

example of voting the interests of the health care lobby and not the interests of their constituents is Mike Ross (D-AK).

Mike Ross, leader of the House Blue Dog Coalition, lobbed a "no" vote, after having held up legislation in committee before the summer recess. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Ross was able to marshal the seven Blue Dog members of his committee to sow the seeds of opposition to the bill.

(As ProPublica reported, Ross not only enjoys the largess of mucho health sector dollars in the form of campaign contributions; he and his wife made a million-dollar killing in what appears to be a sweetheart deal with a large pharmacy chain. In Ross's congressional district, 22 percent of constituents report having no health insurance.)

A message to be sent to these Democrats, Blue Dog or not, is to vote them out of office while voting in a Progressive in their place.

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