Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Investigation....

I don't need no stinking investigation!!!!!

Think about it. If someone asked you whether it was appropriate for a police officer to taser a 10 year old child who was having a tantrum because her mother wanted her to take a shower, would you need an investigation to know that the answer is NO?

Apparently Mayor Vernon McDaniel of Ozark, Arkansas, a small US town, doesn't know the answer. He has requested an investigation. The incident occurred when Officer Dustin Bradshaw delivered "a very brief drive stun" to the back of a 10 year old child who was "violently kicking and verbally combative" when Mr Bradshaw tried to "take her into custody and she kicked him in the groin."

Mayor Vernon McDaniel said the girl wasn't injured and is now at the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter in Cecil.

However, Mr McDaniel said he wants Arkansas State Police - and if they decline, the FBI - to investigate the incident. State police have declined, and the FBI won't say whether it is involved.

Officer Bradshaw had a good reason to use his stun gun on the 10 year old girl who "was curled up on the floor, screaming." The child's "mother gave him permission to do so."

Here's another stunning twist to the story:

A US police officer who used a stun gun on an unruly 10-year-old girl has been suspended - for seven days with pay - not for using the weapon but for not having a video camera attached when he used it.

I'm stunned and I wasn't even hit by a taser!

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