Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Message for Congress

In his article for OpEdNews, Rob Kall wants you to Tell Congress To Go To Hell With Their Current Health Reform.
I know some of my words are not nice--crude, vulgar--but if you're not thinking something like them, you don't get it. And if you have been thinking them, but don't want to say them, send your legislator my article.

Just thinking. The current legislation that the Democrats have celebrated in the house is a pile of shit, an incredible insult. People are dying.

Tell your legislators in Congress what you think of their health reform.

Flipping Congress the bird collage by Rob Kall

People are enslaved in jobs they hate, abused by employers, because they can't afford to leave because they'd lose healthcare coverage.

What have they offered us?
-a four year wait for a plan that affects hardly any Americans.

-no controls on drug costs, and every likelihood that co-pays will go through the roof, since raising co-pay is one way to cut monthly insurance rates.

-We should expect rates to go up and benefits to keep shrinking.

-The current version is a horrific affront to women-- the 60+% of whom voted for Democrats-- that they would have rights to control their bodies and abortion rights. Disgusting. It's amazing Pelosi not only allowed the amendment to reach the house floor, but that she celebrates any legislation that cuts women's rights.
There are a handful of legislators who are calling for single payer. That is the only legislation worth talking about. The majority of the population wants it. America desperately needs it. I can't see myself voting for anyone who doesn't support it.

So, when the senate starts working with the house's bit of garbage health reform, let your senator know that anything less than single payer is an insult and a shameful failure to do what needs to be done.

Let him or her know that waiting four years is obscene.

Make it clear to all your legislators that what they've done so far is not enough.

There are teabaggers (see the wikipedia explanation of Teabagging) who oppose single payer. I can see legislators opposing it because they are whores who have sold out their constituents to health care companies. But the grassroots idiocracy is another story. These are the dumbest, most deluded, mislead lemmings in American history. They will be remembered as a movement of fools and idiots, dupes who bought the lies of Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Fox News and the right wing echo chamber that was used by corporatists to take America from First to Third world status.

History does funny things. If the teabaggers win, which is possible, then they will be lauded as rescuing America. That will be history written in the US of Teabaggery. But outside the US, where truth may still see daylight, they will be seen as the moronic idiots that they are.

It's time to remember that health care is a human right, a civil right, and those who block it are no different than those who have engaged in blocking other human rights. It's time to remember that even after 40 years of equal rights for blacks, there are still tens of millions of racists. The toxic dregs of humanity don't go away. They linger, putting brakes on human progress. Now we face a new challenge to fight these dark forces. It will take the same kinds of strategies that freedom riders and protesters who supported Martin Luther King in the sixties south and those who supported the fighters against Apartheid in South Africa used.

Congress must be told that their best so far is not even close to good enough. The current incarnation of the public option is a sham. It will set back progress. Tell your legislators. Raise your voice. Let them know that they are not even close yet. Tell them to find their spines.
I agree! If you aren't completely appalled then you haven't been paying attention!!

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