Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Phenomenon of Carrottmob

Manchester Carrotmob

Brent Schulkin had a novel idea. If you want change. If you want a person, business or corporation to do something positive to help clean the environment. If you want to change a negative to a positive then use incentives instead of punishment. PBS has the story:

If you want to get an uncooperative donkey to move, the old adage says that you can coax it with a carrot. This philosophy is at the heart of Carrotmob, a San Francisco-based movement that’s reinventing the time-honored protest technique of the boycott. Carrotmob works like a boycott in reverse, providing incentive — the “carrots” — to businesses in exchange for reform.

As part of our Agents of Change series, Need to Know talks to Brent Schulkin, the brainchild behind Carrotmob, about how he’s growing this new model of protest into a global movement.

Watch a cartoon explanation. Check out the website.

How Organized Consumer Purchasing Can Change Business from carrotmob on Vimeo.

This is change that works.

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