Sunday, August 16, 2009

The "Down-the-Middle" Approach

Drew Altman's observation during a discussion on Bill Moyers' Journal about the healthcare issue raises an important point:
It's part of our democracy, but I think it's actually kind of sad because the left, doesn't like this legislation a lot. They're not really enthusiastic about it. They would prefer a single-payer approach with more government. And on the conservative side, they're not crazy about it either. They would like a market approach, people getting vouches or a tax credit and just shop in the marketplace. This is down-the-middle legislation. And yet we see these fears and concerns as if this were a radical approach. It's not a radical approach. It's just a down-the-middle approach.
The conservatives have launched an effective opposition to Obama healthcare reform.
It appears that this "down-the-middle" appraoch isn't working for anyone. The Democrats, liberals and progressives need to get together on this issue. Otherwise what will be passed will be so watered down that the needs of the people will not be addressed.

Maybe we just need to support a single-payer approach to drown out the opposition.

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