Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Time to Realize Something About the "Blue Dogs"...

...they are not Democrats!!!

They look like Democrats, the smell like Democrats but they don't act like Democrats.

So what are they?

They are a hybrid species that have fallen to the right of center and have huge control issues.

As an example, just examine the difference between the blue dog estimate of the number of votes in the House of Representatives for the 'Public Option' versus the progressive whip count.

According to Chris Bowers at Open Left:
Anonymous Blue Dog aides told Politico that Progressives had found only 145 votes for the robust public option during this whip count. This morning, Greg Sargent reports that Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Raul Grijalva's office is claiming a much higher number, around 180:
"I am confident that we have the support of over 70% of the Democratic Caucus," Grivalva said in a statement emailed my way. That means according to him, around 180 of the 256 Dems in the House are prepared to back the robust public option right now.

Sargent is correct, not the anonymous Blue Dog aides. I know this, because I have the actual numbers. As of Friday, here is where the whip count stood:

Progressive Caucus Whip Count on Robust Public Option
Democrats only, 217 needed for passage
Yes: 183
No: 22
Undecided: 20
Not Whipped: 31

All 22 of the no votes are Blue Dogs. Every single one.
It is time for true Democrats to join with the Progressive wing of the party and vote out of office all Blue Dogs who are merely obstructionists and vote with the Republicans.

Healthcare and Insurance Reform are issues that are extremely important to the majority of Americans...and the majority wants a Public Option.

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