Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Gets Credit for the Stimulus?

Is the stimulus working?

The figures show that July through September, the economy grew at a rate of 3.5%.

Can you imagine?

I feel like we should all be in Times Square kissing strangers. Except that gets you arrested now.

In any case -- does the stimulus get the credit. What are the economists saying?

"This is very much in line with an economy that is growing of its own merit not simply because of support from government."

The economy growing on its OWN. So -- if the numbers are showing MORE than just the effect of Cash for Clunkers, does that mean the stimulus was the spark, or would the economy have recovered without it?

I can answer that! If this turns out to be a real recovery -- there is NO WAY the stimulus gets the credit.

Remember what people were calling it?

"Relentless march towards Socialism designed to subvert the work of the individual."

It was socialism:

"We're here to stop Barack Obama's Socialist revolution."

In fact it was worse than Socialism: (!)

"I think he's a Fascist."


"Non-violent Fascism."

So no way the Obama stimulus gets the credit because that would mean that the capitalist's best friend is fascism.

But then who SHOULD get the credit! I say it's this guy:

"The Bible teaches that God wants you rich, that God wants you to have more than enough."

And this guy:

"Money is trying to get in to your hands right now even as I speak."

And maybe even this guy who keeps calling me:

"Hi, this is Victor Simmons with Suburban Debt Solutions. We'll even loan you $1000 to get you started."

I feel like kissing a stranger.

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