Monday, February 13, 2012

It's a "Medically Induce Miscarriage," Stupid!

 Rick Santorum: “Our Abortion Was Different”
 Whenever you see the word 'Abortion' replace it with the words "Medically Induced Miscarriage."
Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen, had a second trimester abortion in October 1996. The Santorum’s, however, don’t like to describe it as an abortion. Instead, they call it a "medically induced miscarriage." Yet for many, this is a distinction without a difference.
That's right folks, they like it to sound as if they had no choice! But it was an abortion, which Karen chose to have to save her life
So from this day forward, remove the word 'abortion' and replace it with the words "medically induced miscarriage." 

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Christine said...

Another so called "Christian" spreading lies and hate. Religious freedom for THEM really means no freedom for others.