Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Revolution: Guerrilla Gardeners

Veggie Vandalism: The Greenest Kind of Vandalism


Guerilla gardening is a very real phenomenon that's picking up steam in urban areas around the world. So what the hell is it? It's a vandalistic act of subversion—using flowers and plants instead of rocks or spray paint as weapons.

Guerrilla gardeners use the cover of night to sneak towards their selected target, where they tamper with public property in order to . . . plant flowers, aid urban ecosystems, and improve the quality of life for people living in the community? Sounds like the most adorable form of vandalistic rebellion ever. And it is.

The gardeners undertake projects like planting sunflowers under storm grates, replanting weed-ridden street side planter boxes, and making botanical arrangements around trees lining city roads. Technically, guerrilla gardening is illegal, but there have been no reported cases of arrests, just some incidents where participants have been questioned by authorities. Some have initially been accused of engaging in terrorist activities—maybe someone confused planting the seeds of hate with the seeds of sunflowers.[...]

For some good examples of the practice, check out LA's guerrilla gardening chapter and read a little more about it over at Web Urbanist. To get involved, head over to Guerrilla Gardening, where you can see some great pics, learn how to 'enlist', and get updates on the movement. Or check out the Guerrilla Gardening Handbook.

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