Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saving the Planet...One Plastic Bottle at a Time

From Treehugger

Might boxed water be a solution to bottled water for those who refuse to give up buying disposable containers of water? Boxed Water designer Benjamin Edgar thinks so.

The Boxed Water container is made from responsibly harvested trees. The boxes are shipped flat to the filler, so it takes up about 5% of a truckload, versus 5 truckloads for a similar number of plastic bottles, saving a significant amount of fuel for at least one leg of distribution. And they are recyclable after they're used.[...]

The product is already available in stores in Michigan and looking to spread elsewhere.

There is still some concern with the use of paper boxes. Even with though they are made from recyclable paper, they are still a disposable product. Other alternatives include the glass bottle or just water from the tap.

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