Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

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Is is just me? Or are there other people in this country who believe that Sarah Palin is a lightweight, ego-centric, vitriolic crybaby. Think about it. She runs as the Republican V.P. candidate with John McCain in 2008 and basically looses the election for him. Granted, McCain had problems of his own. However, too many people stepped back and said, 'OMG, this woman will be a heartbeat away from being the President and we cannot vote for McCain.'

But within the last two years, Palin and her people [there are brains behind the machine] have used Twitter, the Net and other tech savvy tools to her advantage. And the media eats it up, like Dancing With the Stars [oh that's Bristol]!

If you just listened to the Media Moguls you would think she is the voice of the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party, all at the same time.

But behind the scenes the reality breaks through. WATCH:

Thank goodness I'm not alone!

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