Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who Believes Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh has a theory for everything. His latest revelation has to do with Michael Jackson's death. He sees a parallel with Jackson, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. On his show Wednesday, Limbaugh stated:
Michael Jackson's biggest successes, and as it turns out his final successes, real successes took place in the eighties. That was Billie Jean, Thriller and all this. I mean he was as weird as he could be but he was profoundly, because of his weirdness, an individual. He wasn't a group member. He reached a level of success that may never be equaled. He flourished under Reagan; he languished under Clinton-Bush; and died under Obama. Let's hope the parallel does not continue.
Will Bunch sees another connection:
As for the Reagan's administration's role in MJ's musical burst of creativity during the 1980s, there was none. But it is worth noting that Reagan's steep cut in marginal tax rate for the upper bracket meant that Jackson kept a lot more of that surging income -- which he then squandered on a bad real estate investment while racking up millions of dollars in credit card debt before he died from lousy healthcare. So maybe in a perverse way, Limbaugh is right: Michael Jackson was a parable for the Age of Reagan.
It doesn't matter what Rush says, some people will believe anything.

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