Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Values - NOT!!!

It seems that values such as anti-divorce, anti-porn and anti-teen sex that the Right espouses appears to be difficult for red states to value.

Crooks and Liars finds that "eight out of the ten states with highest rates in the categories of divorce, teen pregnancy and online porn usage were states where McCain came out ahead in the 2008 election."

Also, it doesn't matter whether a politician is a Democrat or a Republican...male or, white or or straight...there will always be scandals involving sex. The real issue arises when the politician involved is a hypocrite.

Theo Palinism sums it up:
Here we go again…my GOD can’t these morally superior religious politicians keep it in their pants?! Enough already…I hate wasting my time on them but it is necessary to shed light on these pathetic “moral high-grounders” as they tumble off of Mount Holier-then-Thou.

WHY? you ask…

Because unlike Clinton, Kennedy and a whole host of other political figures who have been caught with their pants down, these GOP religious frauds have been feverishly working to moralize America through the passage of laws controlling everything from freedom of religion, gay rights, definition of marriage (THAT one really cracks me up!), women’s reproductive rights, religiously motivated wars, the annihilation of public education in favor of religious schools and home-schooling - and on and on and on! You can screw up whatever relationship you want, have indiscriminate sex with who ever you please, thump whatever scripture-twisted version of the Bible you choose - but KEEP YOUR BIBLE OFF MY BALLOT!

THAT’s why! [...]

I will repeat - the dems have their own freaks without a doubt, the difference is they do not preach purity and piety while engaging in their despicable behaviors, and then turn around and try to legislate our behaviors.

There are about 123 Republicans who insist on Christian purity but have fallen from grace. Read more here.

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