Monday, May 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: A Diversionary Distraction

The Republicans are in a huff over Nancy Pelosi and what she did and didn't know or what she did and didn't do. The GOP is talking about torture. But missing from this conversation and finger pointing is the fact that no matter what Pelosi's actions were or weren't, it was the Bush/Cheney administration who actually ordered torture, knew of torture and promoted torture.

Pelosi has requested a Truth Commission to actually investigate the actions of the Bush administration including what information was given to Pelosi and when.

Mark Karlin at BuzzFlash believes all of the angst over Nancy Pelosi is just a diversionary distraction.

The Republicans are chronically good at throwing a glass against the wall, and as eyes shift toward the crashing sound stealing the money off the table. Deception is second nature to them.

So let's not hear all this hand-wringing over Nancy Pelosi. Yes, she was probably told something rather euphemestic about the CIA's actions to "prevent another terrorist attack." But she's just a bystander to the war crimes. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush were driving the bus of war, torture and murder.

Think Progress also weighs in on this issue.

For weeks, conservatives have been launching hypocritical and disingenuous attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regarding her level of knowledge of the Bush administration’s torture program.

Pelosi has been clear that recent questions about her level of knowledge about Bush’s torture program only add more — not less — need for an investigation to take place. “Until a truth commission comes into being, I encourage the appropriate committees of the House to conduct vigorous oversight of these issues,” Pelosi said.

If conservatives were being honest about their criticisms, they’d be taking up Pelosi’s desire for a full investigation, an inquiry that would not only examine what members of Congress knew but also the prominent role Cheney played in authorizing illegal acts.

Does anyone see a problem that we need a Truth Commission? Or that some politicians oppose a Truth Commission. It seems that TRUTH has taken a backseat to political antics.

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