Friday, March 18, 2011

Fascism Comes to America Dressed as a Fiscal Crisis

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The Michigan Legislature gave its final approval to a measure that strengthens the powers of state-appointed emergency financial managers. This measure has been sent to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk for signing. You might be wondering, what is a "financial manager?" According to this bill, it is just another name for Fascism.

“This is a takeover by the right wing and it’s an assault on democracy like I’ve never seen.”

~ Mark Gaffney, Michigan State President of the AFL-CIO.

Perhaps lost in the Wisconsin shuffle is the story of what exactly is happening in Michigan. Newly elected Republican governor, Rick Snyder, is set to pass one of the most sweeping, anti-democratic pieces of legislation in the country – and almost no one is talking about it.

Snyder’s law gives the state government the power not only to break up unions, but to dissolve entire local governments and place appointed “Emergency Managers” in their stead. But that’s not all – whole cities could be eliminated if Emergency Managers and the governor choose to do so. And Snyder can fire elected officials unilaterally, without any input from voters. It doesn’t get much more anti-Democratic than that.

Except it does. The governor simply has to declare a financial emergency to invoke these powers – or he can hire a private company to declare financial emergency and take over oversight of the city. That’s right, a private corporation can declare your city in a state of financial emergency and send in its Emergency Manager, fire your elected officials, and reap the benefits of the ensuing state contracts.

These Republican governors have risen to power in what will eventually be seen as one of the great political farces of our time. The Tea Party movement talks a good game about democracy and limited government, but in practice its elected leaders are crony-capitalists and union-busters. There is nothing limited about a state government that can erase entire cities or take control of school districts and local governments with the swipe of a pen. Manufactured crisis and a litany of politicians and power-brokers talking about how broke we are is all it takes to rob us of our democracy.

Public services are on the auction block, and unions, teachers, and anyone else standing in the way are all going to have to fight for their continued existence – or at least their continued membership in the ranks of the middle class.

If “Emergency Manager” is not dystopian enough a term for you, perhaps the fact that such radical legislation could go almost unnoticed in the national press is. Fortunately, Rachel Maddow proves an exception to the rule. WATCH:

Here's a breakdown of what the Republicans are doing, according to Naomi Klein, author of the Shock Doctrine:
Gov Scott Walker said to the faux David Koch that this is our moment to change the course of history.

The Governor cuts the state budget which then creates a financial emergency and allows the Governor to take over the town.

The plan is to consolidate power and then to auction off the state.

The Republicans are using the fiscal crisis as a pretext to privatize the government.

The Republicans see money in the deals to privatize government.

By using and fabricating a crisis [Shock Doctrine] they create a Corporate Monopoly State.

GOP politicians run on the notion of having less government but they actually don't believe in the government they run.

The real issue is who needs to pay for the crisis...regular working people or the rich corporations who created the crisis?

The Republicans want to tie the hands of unions because unions are a political force.

Unions are the last line of defense against the privatization of the state and by private corporate sector.
Good-by Democracy....Say hello to Corporate America!

“If you aren't completely appalled then you haven't been paying attention!”

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see people are following the privatization trail, which no one would have heard about except for the walkout.

Here is an excellent article from that perspective about WI and across the Midwest at Takimag. Let’s Facebook it and get the word out before they sell off the rest of what belongs to the people:

Keep up the good work!